Supported Platforms

Platform Status
Linux Fully supported
macOS Fully supported
Windows Supported on WSL only
*BSD Will probably work

Official Binaries

You can download the official binaries for Linux and macOS from the aretext releases page.

Build From Source

If you have installed go, then you can build aretext from source:

git clone
cd aretext
make install

This will install aretext in $HOME/go/bin, which you can add to your $PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bin


If a package is not yet available for your platform, please consider creating one! We are looking for package maintainers on Debian, Fedora, Homebrew, Nix, and any other platform you may prefer!

Arch Linux

aretext is available as an AUR Package. If you use yay, run this to install it:

yay -S aretext